Weekly Update April 27 – May 4

Pier 9 study says it will cost $3.5 million to prevent deterioration; $11 million for completion

Pier 9 is the base for the light-blue clad building adjacent to the Race Street Pier.  A $3.5 million stabilization of the 93-year-old structure is needed to reinforce the concrete deck and steel superstructure, and to restore the concrete head houses.  Items beyond repair include the roof, roof deck, monitor windows and side doors.  These will be removed leaving the shed structure’s beautiful steel trusses exposed.  Doing this work would convert the pier from a liability to an asset by using the building for potential private funding/investment, according to the study.

See:  http://planphilly.com/pier-9-study-says-it-will-cost-35-million-keep-structure-deteriorating-11-million-achieve-full-poten

Neighborhood-to-waterfront connector street projects moving forward

Three street improvement projects for  Race Street, Columbia Avenue and Spring Garden Street will better link Philadelphia neighborhoods with the Central Delaware Riverfront by improving pedestrian and bicycle access, lighting, landscaping and signage. The big Race Street news is that PennDOT and the city’s transportation and utilities department have agreed that a multi-purpose sidewalk/bikepath can cross right over the ramp. However, how the traversing will happen is yet to be determined.  

DRWC President Tom Corcoran said the impact of PennDOT’s decision to reach out to DRWC and other community organizations so that community plans could be incorporated into the overpass and other I-95 related work is huge.  “Our total investment is probably several hundred thousand in design, and maybe $250,000 in the art component. But the value of the PennDOT improvements, that they will pay for, using our design, is probably in the order of magnitude of a million and a half to $2 million,” he said.

See:  http://planphilly.com/neighborhood-waterfront-connector-street-projects-moving-forward



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