Weekly Update July 15-22


New Book by Philadelphia author Harry Kyriakodis chronicles Philadelphia’s Waterfront


Philadelphia’s Lost Waterfront, the first book about Philadelphia’s original/central port district, written by Philadelphia author Harry Kyriakodis, has just been published; see https://historypress.net/indexsecure.php?prodid=9781609493714.  The book is an historical account and a study of the conflict of land use–residential vs. commercial vs. recreational vs. transportational–along the Delaware River over time. Ultimately, though, it’s a lament on all that has been lost due to the heartless routing of Interstate 95 through Philadelphia’s original riverfront corridor decades ago.

A book-signing is scheduled at Pier 3 Condo, Saturday, August 6th, 7 pm to 10 pm.. (3 N. Columbus Blvd, at the foot of Market Street). Copies can be purchased for $15.  Also, meet authors of Philadelphia-related books who will have copies of their books for inscribing and for sale.

 At or after 7 pm on 8/6/11, drop by the lobby at Pier 3. The concierge will direct you to the river end of the pier. Note that guest parking isn’t available at Pier 3, but there’s plenty of parking at Penn’s Landing next door, the Comfort Inn across DE Ave., Dave & Busters a half mile north, and along Front Street south of Market Street. You can check out the new Race Street Pier (next to the Ben Franklin Bridge) while you’re in the area.

See http://www.amazon.com/Harry-Kyriakodis/e/B005D9T8J2 for more about the author and the book.


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