Weekly Update (April 25th – May 2nd)


Construction on Race Street Pier is moving forward rapidly and each day the park is looking more and more like the artistic renderings done by James Corner Field Operations. The construction crews are now working on the park finishes, including the paving and decking, railings, and lighting. The large, 8” caliper trees were recently delivered from the nursery in New Jersey where they have been growing since 2003. Construction crews have installed 22 of these trees along the diagonal line of the ‘sky promenade’. The remaining 15 of the large trees will be delivered and planted over the next few weeks, as their planting beds are installed.

Race Street Pier; photo taken April 15, 2011


Kellie Patrick Gates interviewed Mayor Nutter regarding the panel that he moderated at the National Mayor’s Summit on City Design. He talks about the waterfront plan and the importance of planning for the long term. The article is a good overview of the many planning efforts currently underway and underscores the mayor’s commitment to the projects that will help improve the quality of life in Philadelphia. Here’s the link. 


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