Weekly Update (January 17th – January 23rd)

CDAG is excited about recent waterfront related news.  In early January, the city announced that a $5 million grant from the William Penn Foundation will help the city complete several key projects to advance the goals of the civic vision and master plan.  As a first project, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation announced that $650,000 will be spent to complete the Race Street Connector project.  This streetscape project will help to make the walk between Old City and Race Street Pier more friendly and safe to pedestrians.  Read more about the grant on Philly.com and PlanPhilly.

CDAG is thrilled that the Race Street Pier is underway and slated to be opened this spring.  Construction crews are on the pier (when it is not snowing!) and PHS has started to organize a friends group to “adopt” the pier. PHS and the DRWC hosted a happy hour event to (re)introduce people to the Race Street Pier project and to build excitement about its impending arrival. Here are some photos from the event:


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