• Who We Are

    The Central Delaware Advocacy Group is a volunteer based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization composed of a coalition of civic and nonprofit organizations. CDAG is committed to advancing implementation of Philadelphia’s Civic Vision for the Central Delaware, using the Action Plan for the Central Delaware as a ten-year strategy to achieve a world-class riverfront.

    CDAG works with other stakeholders for waterfront development that ensures public access to the river, builds on economic assets and connects the city to the river. Our board represents both residents and businesses that inhabit the 7-mile Central Delaware riverfront area from Allegheny Avenue to Oregon Avenue, and citizens of the larger region. This powerful civic voice is informed and amplified by the professional expertise of our dedicated nonprofit partners.

Weekly Update (November 22nd – November 28th)

Here is a blog posting from the Project for Public Spaces about how Corpus Christi, TX is thinking about its waterfront.  We think that their planning process and grass roots campaign to change their waterfront is a lot like our experience here in Philly. We’re glad that citizens in other cities are taking an active role in rethinking the waterfront!  We hope that Destination Bayfront is a success!

Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving!


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